Beautiful flowers outside my studio

I could not resist posting the pictures of these beautiful flowers growing on the patio outside my studio. The sun was shining so brightly that it brought out the colours in everything.

My studio is such a peaceful place to be creative. I’m so thankful and grateful for this space. I’m looking forward to sharing it with others during workshops and Tangle Club meetings.

It’s a string thing #80

Another challenge!  Thank you Adele for It’s a string thing #80.  I’m enjoying trying out new tangles which I may not have tried before. Kozy is actually a lot more fun than it looks and it fits into lots of different shapes quite easily. The paper I’m using is an original Zentangle® tile which I love. I’m still getting used to the size 3.5″x 3.5″ is a small space to fit all these tangles into. I’m going to try to make the tangles larger. Also – no shading on this one – may come back to it.

Diva Challenge #210


This is my first ‘Diva Challenge‘. The requirement was a spiral string.

I’ve posted 3 progressive photos of the shading to compare. Sometimes I shade as I go and others times I shade at the end. Then there are times when I leave the shading for another session so that I can devote more energy to it. Shading can really make a huge difference to the finished piece of art.

It’s a string thing #84

Decided to start taking up the challenges and I thought this one looked easy! Well it was interesting to use pre chosen tangles – as naturally they are not usually the favourites. I found the whole process trickier that expected. However I’m definitely coming back for more! I used additional tangles to fill in extra spaces and that probably broke the rules… This challenge can be found at It’s a String Thing #84

String #83
Arrow heads – oops forgot them!

I also added

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