Week 4 (6 Week Zentangle Workshop)

It’s week 4 already! The 6 week Zentangle Workshop is flying past so quickly.

I just had to post a picture of the beautiful artworks that my students produced this week. Everyone was challenged with “ellish” and they conquered this interwoven tangle.

Each week I am so impressed with the way everyone has grown in their Zentangle journey- it’s such a pleasure to be part of the journey.


Becoming a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) has been such a rewarding experience and I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity. I was asked recently what I had to do to become certified. I answered that I did a 3 day course. Later I reflected on my answer and I realised that it has been a long journey. I should have answered that my interest in art and patterns started during my Bachelor of Arts degree, then developed through my art practice. A couple of years later I travelled over 16,000 kilometres to Providence, Rhode Island to learn the art of the Zentangle Method directly from the founders Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. The obstacles on that long journey took on a life of their own (including losing my suitcase along the way!) Since becoming certified I participate in workshops by other CZTs and CZT groups where we share our ideas and develop new tangles. The learning never stops – I am still developing as a Certified Zentangle Teacher.

I’d like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude and thanks to everyone who has done a workshop with me. I do hope that you’ve been inspired to grow on your artistic journey and persevere regardless of any obstacles that sometimes appear.

Obstacles and challenges are a normal part of our lives and they help us to grow into who we are. So often I reflect on them and realise that if I had not been presented with a particular challenge or obstacle then I would have missed out on an opportunity which enriched my life.

The Zentangle method reminds us that when we are presented with a challenge in our art or what we ‘perceive’ to be a mistake, this gives us the opportunity to go in another direction and draw something even better than we would have produced. It makes me grateful rather than regretful of the challenges that come my way.

I am at home today, too unwell to go to work. I have been so busy with helping my mother and my brother (who live in UK) and trying to learn my new job to the point of exhaustion that I’ve had no time for my myself or my art. So I’ve turned to Zentangle for the first time in weeks and I’m grateful for the opportunity today.

The Zentangle Method begins with gratitude for the opportunity to be creative and for the simple, beautiful art materials (tile, pen, pencil, tortillion). Then It ends with gratitude and appreciation. Gratitude is the foundation.

Thank you

Experiments with Colour

I’ve been experimenting with watercolour recently. These tiles were made by starting with watercolour on the tile. I used my Windsor & Newton travel watercolour set which I usually carry around with me. After laying down the colour I used a variety of methods to produce tangles (or patterns) on the tile. With coloured pens I traced around the edges of some of the watercolours and then then used a brown or similar coloured pen to draw tangles between the colours. I loved the effects and I’m going to practice more using this method.

It’s a string thing #80

Another challenge!  Thank you Adele for It’s a string thing #80.  I’m enjoying trying out new tangles which I may not have tried before. Kozy is actually a lot more fun than it looks and it fits into lots of different shapes quite easily. The paper I’m using is an original Zentangle® tile which I love. I’m still getting used to the size 3.5″x 3.5″ is a small space to fit all these tangles into. I’m going to try to make the tangles larger. Also – no shading on this one – may come back to it.

Diva Challenge #210


This is my first ‘Diva Challenge‘. The requirement was a spiral string.

I’ve posted 3 progressive photos of the shading to compare. Sometimes I shade as I go and others times I shade at the end. Then there are times when I leave the shading for another session so that I can devote more energy to it. Shading can really make a huge difference to the finished piece of art.